Mobile Applications

Developing applications for mobile devices, we proceed from the principle of "Great experience everywhere".

Therefore, everything that you can come up with and what mobile systems allow (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) will be implemented.

WEB770 - develops applications in the following areas: AR/VR, healthy, social, financial, entertainment, games and others.

  • Native TechnologiesJava and C++ for Android, Objective-C and Swift for iOS, C# for Windows Phone
  • Cross-Platform TechnologiesXamarin, Kotlin, ReactNative, PhoneGap, Unity3D
Web Development

We create websites of any orientation: be it a business card site, a strict corporate website of your company or a bright, colorful game portal.

The site should bring profit to the owner - this is the main principle of WEB770. Each of our sites is a unique handmade, exclusive. Each of our sites is a powerful, highly professional tool for doing business on the Internet.

WEB770 - develops High load Web Services, SaaS, eCommerce, Corporate websites, Landing pages

  • Client side technologiesHTML5, SVG, Canvas, WebGL, ReactJs, Backbone, AngularJS, Typescript, Javascript, jQuery
  • Server side technologiesJava, PHP, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, Python, C#, C++
Graphic Design

The increase in sales of the company or the growth of site traffic directly depends on the external design.

Almost 90% of the information a person receives through vision. More than 80% of what is seen is stored in the subconscious.

Therefore, the creation of a graphic image is not just "creating beauty", but serious work with the target audience. All funds spent on professional registration pay off in a short time. The graphic design from WEB770 will provide:

Competitiom development: A sport car in a transport

You will receive a unique graphical solution that will favorably allocate you - your company, site, ad, product, etc. - against the background of competitors. A bright sports car always stands out in the urban traffic flow. At the same time, the representative sedan stands out against the background of sports cars. The main thing is to have your own "face". WEB770 t designers know how to achieve this.

Stream. Drand identity is the basis of successful marketing

Your corporate style or design of promotional products, products, online resources will be remembered. They will recognize him. A recognizable is always given more preference than a stranger. Not for nothing, brand recognition is one of the foundations of successful marketing.

Customer sympathy: ...and people will be exposed to you

People try to please other people. Companies and brands try to please consumers. Sympathy from others is the key to success. The graphic design from WEB770 will be pretty to your customers. Thus, without any extra efforts, you will gain their location, loyalty and trust.

Successful promotion: Dright individuality always struggle

Graphic design from WEB770 will promote the successful promotion of your product, service, website or business itself. Also it will ensure the success of your advertising campaign - professionally designed ads, modules or banners attract at times more customers. At a site that is distinguished by a thoughtful design, there are times more visitors.

Image improvent: Quality packaging is a quality product

On the design of the package you can already judge the quality of the product. The quality of goods or services can be judged on how advertising looks. In a word, graphic design is closely connected with the image. Your image will grow, because, as we already noted above, your graphic design will be attractive to customers.

2D/3D, UI/UX design.

Business Analysis

You can independently look for those moments that hinder the successful development of the business. But it usually takes too much time. This is a classic long and thorny path of trial and error.

We offer a more light and short path. Here are just some of the benefits that you will get thanks to consulting services from WEB770:

Search for problems: there are all

You get an exhaustive list of problems that prevented the development of your online business. Some of them may lie on the surface, others may be extremely unobvious. WEB770 with the same success will reveal both.

Solving problems: consider that there are no problems anymore

You will receive recommendations for troubleshooting. If you do not have the opportunity to eliminate them (for example, you do not have enough knowledge, experience, there is not a qualified specialist in the staff), we are ready to take on this task

Objective evaluation - is the basis for successful development

You will get the most objective assessment of your business. With such information, you will be able to make all the necessary adjustments: eliminate shortcomings, further develop strengths.

New opportunities - expanding horizons

It is possible that you do not notice those new opportunities that you can use to expand your business and increase profits. These opportunities can be more effective use of the site, or in the expansion of the target audience, or in the application of new marketing tools. Our specialists will necessarily indicate them.

New practical knowledge - it remains only to apply

You will receive a stock of new knowledge that will allow you to move forward faster. It's not just knowledge, it's the experience of our company, which we are ready to share with you.

Support & QA

The application, software or service should be a perfect working tool. Everything connected with the Internet should work as quickly and correctly as possible.

In addition, it is necessary that the security of Internet resources is at the highest level. WEB770 adheres to such principles, offering

technical support services. We believe that with regard to their sites, Internet services, applications, online games and complex software, our customers should forget two
"Why does not it work?" And "Why does it work slowly?"

Also they should forget about what a network failure, DOS- or hacker attack.


We are an experienced and creative team

More 7+ years specializes in providing Integrated solutions under turnkey in the field of mobile and web development

High quality published on Android, iOS, Facebook and Web platforms.

Our staff of specialists:

  • C#, Java and PHP developers;
  • iOS and Android developers;
  • Web and Frontend developers;
  • Project Managers and QA specialists;
  • Functional analysts;
  • UX / UI designers.


Mikhail Botvinnik
CEO, Founder
Email: ceo@web770.ru Phone: (+972) 050-455-2-770 Address: Israel, City: Tel-Aviv or Nazrat-Ellit LinkedIn: link
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